Wholesale Pricing & Ocean Freight


The cost of solar panels is calculated using dollars per watt ($/W).


Ocean Freight or Sea Freight is a method of transporting large quantities of products via cargo ships.

In ocean freight shipping, goods are packed in twenty-foot or forty-foot shipping containers which are then trucked to the shipping vessel at the port of origin and shipped overseas to the importer at the port of destination.

COST, INSURANCE AND FREIGHT - CIF - International Commerce Terms (INCOTERMS)

CIF price is used for solar panel wholesale pricing on Elili Solar website. Displayed solar panel prices cover the cost, insurance and freight.

When a CIF - Cost, Insurance and Freight - shipping agreement is used, the seller pays costs and assumes liability until the goods reach the port of destination chosen by the buyer. The buyer assumes responsibility for unloading charges and any further shipping costs to a final destination.